How Reading the News is Like Smoking

"Controversy Creates Cash"

You (Don't Really) Decide

'The Fairway' is now 'Hate Inc.'

The Church of Averageness: 'Polls Say' (Hate Inc.)

The Church of Averageness: The Beer Test (Hate Inc.)

The Church of Averageness: The High Priests (Hate Inc.)

The Church of Averageness (Hate Inc.)

The Ten Rules of Hate (Rules 7–10; Hate Inc.)

The Ten Rules of Hate (Rules 1–7; Hate Inc.)

Silos (Hate Inc.)

Hate Inc.: Introduction

Preface: An Interview with Noam Chomsky (Hate Inc.)

Note to Readers: Announcing a New Project

Chapter Seventeen: No Guns, But Keep Shooters, Part II

Chapter Sixteen: Never Run From the Front

Chapter Fifteen: Eat What You Can

Chapter Fourteen: Get Your Money and Get Out

Chapter Thirteen: Get to the Point

Chapter Twelve: Always Be Shopping (For Lawyers)

Chapter Eleven: Travel Light

Chapter Ten: Have Your Story Ready

Chapter Nine: Be Multi-Sourced

Chapter Interlude: "Don't Snitch!"

Chapter Eight: Pay the Plug

Chapter Seven: Embrace Racial Stereotypes

Chapter Six: Keep the Purse Small

Chapter Five: Always Have a Job

An Interview with Anonymous, Co-Author of 'The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing'

Chapter Four: Don't Snitch

Chapter Three: Stay Behind the White Guy

Chapters One & Two

Chapter Two: No Guns, But Keep Shooters

Chapter One: Keep Your Spot to Yourself

Author's Note & Preface

Why I'm Serializing a Book on Substack

How, And Why, The Press Makes Us Hate One Another. A serial book, delivered by email, by Matt Taibbi.