Activism, Uncensored: The Great American Fistfight

America, 2021: left and right punch each other in the face, scream, "Fuck you!" and even stab each other

“From fights over transgender rights, to Covid measures, to support for Israel, one thing is certain,” narrates Ford Fischer of News2Share. “The violence at these rallies is escalating, and it remains a constant potential, regardless of the substance of an event’s actual subject, as long as it fits into the broader culture war.”

In the weeks leading up to a “United We Win” rally in Portland, Oregon tomorrow, which will be met in force by self-described antifascist protesters pledging to “defend Portland from racist fascists,” violence has broken out repeatedly between left and right street activists. News2Share chronicled those outbreaks, and they will have video from tomorrow’s event as well.

With footage from Jake Lee Green.