Which topics need more coverage?

As TK subscribers are now functionally my editor, I’m looking for feedback on what regular beat you might like to see explored more, especially since I’ll soon be vaccinated and be able to get back to covering things in person.

One idea I had years ago, but was never able to do because of time constraints, is a regular congressional diary — taking trips to Washington and following the behind-the-scenes dramas of a few committees over the course of time, like for instance the battle over what’ll be in the next defense appropriations bill, or Senate banking, etc. That might double as a window on what the Biden White House is or is not accomplishing.

Another idea was to cover a busy criminal court in the Tri-state area in similar fashion. I could write up cases from start to finish, giving updates over time, getting into the weeds of how the criminal justice system works (I’ve done things like this in the past). I’m thinking about a running story of some kind — about Wall Street, medicine, a high school football team, anything. In any case, I’ve been cooped up a while, and suggestions of any kind are welcome.