'The Fairway' is now 'Hate Inc.'

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Johnny MaudlinMar 26

Well my brain is broke. No joke. And I blame this card deck device in my hand. I’ll read along because you are often laugh out loud funny and Matt I sure need to laugh. Out loud or just mumble chuckle while my good wife listens to Rachel Maddow.


Good move!

Great title...

I've been a huge fan for years. Your work during the 2015-16 election led me to believe Trump was going to win. The media's role in Trump's victory is important and complex. I'm glad your devoting your time on this project. Good luck!

drjulieshawMar 24

Not sure about the title - out here in Oz (near NZ) we have seen and heard more than enough hate recently. But I do understand your reasoning behind the change. I’ve also been a fan of your work in RS for years, it helps me to stay sane, so happy to support this venture.


Great, this is a much, much better title and more accurate and better framing of the content. The Fairway sounded like a book about golf.

The one thing I would say is that you should really keep the structural component. You have more to say than just offering a sentence-level compendium of frequently used lying and manipulation tactics. There is a political point to all this division and it isn't only market-driven.

Can't wait till this becomes available as a book, have so many friends who should read it!

Chris BestNov 28, 2018

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Joel GrantNov 27, 2018

I hope there is, at some point, a serious discussion of what, if anything, we can do about it.

Chris BestNov 27, 2018

I'm pumped for this. Great new name.

> In the Internet age, we in the press have mastered the art of monetizing anger, paranoia, and distrust. We’ve learned how to wind you up for profit.

This speaks to me. It's a big part of why we work on Substack.

tobe berkovitzNov 27, 2018

I suppose "Hate Inc" is more appropriate than "Have a nice day Inc".


Why not "Manufacturing Hate"?




I’m excited for the new content! I did really enjoy the “Manufacturing Consent” themes and hope those still carry over to some extent. Also, please include the “Fairway” content in the physical copy!

I’m extremely happy that this will soon occupy some space in my bookshelf (next to ICP, I Can’t Breathe and Derangement, of course)!