The Church of Averageness: The High Priests (Hate Inc.)

In the Trump era, one almost looks back fondly at the days when people like Nicholas Kristof and Rush Limbaugh were beating the Iraq war drum together. Those were the days! At least we all agreed on something once, even if it was a murderous, unforgivable mistake. 

Such cuddly rhetorical cooperation between left and right seems impossible now, when the two camps of our ongoing cultural war don’t seem to intersect at all.

Except they do. From bombing Syria (remember Van Jones declaring that Trump “became president in that moment”?) to rolling back the already-weak Dodd-Frank financial regulatory bill, there are still huge areas of political overlap between even Trump Republicans and “mainstream” Democrats.

A classic example of how we in the press commoditize division – even in clear and important areas of bipartisan cooperation – involved the passage of this year’s $716 billion military appropriations bill.

It was a huge bill. The year one increase in Trump’s defense budget that passed…

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