Editor's Note: Contributors Wanted

TK News is expanding, so we're looking for new material, but of a particular kind.

Encouraged by the response to videographer Ford Fischer’s new series, “Activism Uncensored,” I’m putting out a general APB for new contributors. However, because I’m trying to stick to a specific theme with outside contributions, please read the following description before replying.

I would like this site to be a place where subscribers can get reporting and analysis they can’t get from mainstream commercial press sources. Therefore, I’d be especially interested in someone who has experience in a certain field and is frustrated by how their sphere is covered. It could be any area: medicine, law, policing, education, real estate, lobbying, finance, lion-taming, dentistry, whatever.

An alderman who’s got a decade of frustrations about how his or her own city is run (and insight into the decisions of other municipal leaders) would be welcome, for instance. Or: someone in the military contracting world, who follows what the Pentagon’s buying and at what price. Maybe you’re an expat in a faraway country and tired of reading the botched reports the Western press is sending home, or work in FinReg and have an eye on the indulgences bank lobbyists are asking for (and probably getting) in DC. I would publish letters from a prison inmate, ravings from someone with a mania for public records searches, or observations from someone who follows Delaware Chancery Court cases and can explain what the rulings mean for ordinary people.

The kicker is that contributors must also have a sense of style or an innovative presentation. In an effort to avoid inundating subscribers with material, contributions have to be unique/unusual and in the spirit of the site. Submissions don’t need to be articles: they could be infographics, videos, panel cartoons, even monologues or a podcast — anything. Ideally, you should send a polished sample of whatever it is you’re proposing to contribute. Anything that’s good or funny or informative will be considered, and we don’t discriminate against the eccentric.

Those interested should write to taibbi@substack.com.