Callin Discussion on "As America Falls Apart, Profits Soar," at 4 p.m. ET

Beginning this afternoon, I'll be holding discussions about TK articles on a new audio app

Some TK subscribers may have seen Glenn Greenwald’s announcement last week about the launching of a new app called Callin, which will create archivable audio discussions. Along with Chaos Monkeys author Antonio Garcia Martinez, podcaster and former Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray, and others, Glenn and I have signed up to use Callin. Essentially, when a Callin episode launches, I take questions one at a time, responding live in radio-like style, hopefully creating something like a collegial discussion (though brutal criticism is fine, too).

My first episode is today at 4 p.m. (click on this link to join in), and will be a discussion of this weekend’s article, “As America Falls Apart, Profits Soar,” about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and its oft-missing context.

A few notes for TK subscribers. A few opportunities of this sort have come over the transom in the last year and I’ve ultimately passed on each one, because I didn’t want to take time away from work on this site. I decided to sign up for Callin for two reasons. One is that the bulk of Callin “episodes” for now will be geared around TK articles, and because the app will soon have a function (it doesn’t yet, but will) that will allow me to limit questioners to TK subscribers, my hope is this will serve as a way to have what will amount to in-house discussions with TK readers.

The second reason is that I’m envisioning Callin as a reporting tool, serving multiple functions at once. Say, for instance, I attend a campaign rally for a candidate. Afterward, I may launch an episode on-site in which interviews of that candidate’s followers will double as a potentially nationwide discussion, so that I might end up talking not just to three or four of that candidate’s followers from that crowd, but a dozen more from around the country.

The app archives and transcribes all discussions, so it’s useful to any reporter just in that sense, but also potentially useful in terms of finding sources. For instance, I could hold a talk with a subject-matter expert — say, a military accountant — and end up finding more people with the same background through a Callin discussion. This is my hope, anyway.

We’ll see. For now, I’ll start with a discussion of about 45 minutes about “As America Falls Apart, Profits Soar,” and see how that goes. Ultimately, the aim is to make TK a little more interactive. Though free, you will need a Callin account to participate.

It all starts at 4 p.m. today, and again, here is the link. Talk to you in just under an hour!