Announcement: How to find the new edition of "Hate Inc."

There's been some confusion about how and where to order Hate Inc. Clarifying here, and adding news about the updated edition coming this month

Joe Rogan was kind enough to put up a post recommending Hate Inc. on Instagram the other day. Unsurprisingly, and thankfully, the book’s publisher received a flood of orders, and the hardcover edition is sold out, which has resulted in some confusion. As it stands, if you go on Amazon, the hardcover is on sale for the absurd price of $100, while the paperback edition is available at the correct cost, but will not ship out of Amazon until February 18th.

That February 18th release will be of an updated paperback edition that includes a new chapter, looking back at the Trump years. I’ll be posting an excerpt of that new material here in the next week, along with a video we’ve produced for TK subscribers.

Unfortunately, the only way to order a copy of the book right now — at least until later in February — is to order directly from OR Books. By way of apology for any inconvenience this has caused either to subscribers of this site or fans of the JRE Experience, the publisher is offering a 25% discount code for anyone seeing this announcement.

The Trump era played out like a hyperbolic parody of Hate Inc., as the last four years saw wild contradictions in media. Some companies, particularly cable stations, made record profits during a period that will be remembered as a financial boom time for some. However, journalists overall got clobbered, with local news especially shedding jobs at a horrific rate. Trust in the press also dropped precipitously, thanks among other things to a mind-blowing quantity of scandals and factual fiascoes.

The new edition delves into these issues, asking how the Trump era accelerated the divisiveness industry, and what some of the consequences of this might have been. Again, I’ll have an excerpt up here soon, along with other materials. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and for those just looking for a place to buy the book, apologies again for the confusion.